One Reason a Judge in Manhattan KS Might Deny a Divorce Filing

A spouse can obtain a divorce even if the other refuses to sign any papers, but the process becomes longer and more complicated. In some instances, a judge may actually deny a petition for divorce, although the spouse can file again later. A family attorney in Manhattan, KS, provides representation throughout the proceedings, so the client can end the marriage as swiftly as possible under the circumstances.

Disagreements Regarding the Children

Denial will be made if there are still disagreements in legal matters regarding the children. All of these issues must be resolved before the divorce is granted. This is just one reason why a judge might dismiss a filing.

Two parents might decide to create a casual custody and visitation agreement to hurry the process along, but that could have serious consequences later. Each person’s family attorney in Manhattan, KS, should document all child-related legal matters with the court.

Divorce Granted by Default

A judge does not deny a divorce filing simply because one spouse will not sign the papers. The divorce now becomes contested, and the other spouse must be served formally with papers. After a certain time frame, the person who has petitioned for divorce will be granted that request by default.

A Temporary Situation

The denial or dismissal of a divorce filing is only temporary. The person who is filing must resolve the reason for this block in terminating the marriage before a judge will grant the request. The law firm Addair Thurston Chtd provides representation for clients, and contact information can be viewed at You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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