How to Choose the Most Effective Stack Book to Showcase Material Selections

Stack Book

A quality stack book consists of several swatched pieces that have been bound together. Creating a single piece with multiple fabric styles simplifies the design process. Likewise, it can make converting prospects into customers simpler. Furthermore, swatched books may be amplified with page dividers or full-color covers.

Fabric Stacks

Whether you operate in the residential or hospitality market, these books are useful. Since they are loaded with multiple style options, perusing them is like reading a book. In addition, you can select them from a straight edge-cut according to material needs. Once they have been assembled in a vignette, customers can browse them on their own time.

Assembling swatches in a single stack is easier when they are similarly sized pages. Nevertheless, you may opt for multiple size options, depending on your order.

Swatch Binders

Specialized swatch binders can be effective when presenting material options to buyers. By showcasing more than one option at a time, they feel like they have a choice. Moreover, the quality of the book’s construction is a testament to the end product too. Finally, it is not difficult to travel with these swatches, as you may bring them along on the road.

Swatch Tags

Sometimes, you may wish to have a card with several colors on it instead of a book. In this case, a swatch tag may be considered more useful, as they cost less to display. You can use them to show fabrics, wall coverings, leathers, and vinyl styles.

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