Where Do You Find the Best Pest Management Services in Marks, MS

How long has it been since you’ve hired professional pest management services in Marks MS? Living near the southern coast has tons of benefits, but there’s always been a pest problem. If your property has a termite infestation, getting rid of them must be a top priority.

Using pesticides to kill termites at the source is the best way to stop them from damaging your home. Plus, you can ask an exterminator to treat the property for mosquitos while they’re at it.

Pest Management Services Marks, MS

Does the backyard have a ton of fire ants, meandering about, waiting to bite? If they’ve caused more than one to scream in pain, you should have them exterminated.

Most fire ants build mounds and scatter their holes in the yard. By putting toxin-laced bait near their nests, you can kill them for good. The ants will take bits of the bait and bring it to their queen. Once she’s eaten it, the toxins begin to kill her and the nest. After a queen has died, the rest of the colony goes with her.

Most properties need treatment at least once a year. To get the best results, biannual treatments are recommended. The more treatments a property receives, the better its conditions will be. Another common pest that’s been found around here is mice. If you’ve seen any, call someone to get rid of them.

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