How to Know If the Roof of Your Glencoe Home Needs to Be Repaired

There are some common signs of a failing roof that might cause you to contact roofers in Glencoe, IL, to have the roof inspected. These would include damaged or missing shingles, damaged flashing, and signs of leaks in the home. However, there may be some less obvious signs of roof damage that would also merit having your roof inspected by professionals.

For example, if you go into your attic during the day and you see the light streaming in, this means that water could also filtrate through those same openings. This could be an indication that your shingles have been damaged and that your shingles need to be replaced. An inspection by roofers in Glencoe, IL, could help verify what repairs or replacements are needed.

Another less obvious indication of roof damage is an increase in energy bills. If your heating costs skyrocket unexpectedly during the winter, this could be an indication that warm air is leaking out of the roof. Additionally, if your cooling bill increases during the summer, this could be an indication that poor ventilation is preventing heat from escaping the attic during the summer and increasing the temperature of your home.

If you address issues with your roof, you should notice that your heating and cooling expenses change dramatically. Your roof plays a pivotal role in the temperature control of the home.

Learn about the steps that can be taken to maintain your roof and see what practical tips the roofers in Glencoe, IL, at Showalter Roofing Services can offer by visiting their website or contact them today.

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