What You Should Know Before Buying Waterfront Property in Palm Coast, FL

Buying waterfront real estate in Palm Coast requires considering different factors than those you would consider in purchasing other types of real estate. While you should have every real estate purchase inspected by an experienced home inspector, knowing what to watch for will help you choose a better investment. These tips will help you get started.

Inspect For Water Damage

As you tour waterfront real estate, be sure to pay attention to the foundation on the interior and exterior of the home. Water damage in the basement and stains on the exterior of the building can indicate a greater risk for flooding. Additionally, you should schedule more types of inspections and tests, such as elevation surveys and water quality tests, to ensure the property is a wise purchase.

Look at the Quality of the Water and Land

Touring the outside of the home is more important when buying waterfront real estate in Palm Coast. As you walk the grounds, pay attention to how the ground feels under your feet. If it feels soggy, there may be frequent flooding. You should also pay attention to the shoreline to ensure you’re choosing a good area. As you look up and down the coast, make sure you don’t see large amounts of litter, seaweed, or dead fish lining the beach. While the available property has likely been kept clean, looking at neighboring properties will give you a better impression of the environment you can expect.

Investigate Insurance Coverage

You should also call around to local homeowner’s insurance providers to find out what rates they’re offering. Be sure to ask how much riders for flood insurance would cost you as well. Higher rates indicate a greater risk, so a property that will cost more to insure may indicate an issue that you haven’t considered.

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