Lakeland, Florida, Family Bond Company Makes Buying Bail Bonds Safe & Easy

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Attorneys

A bail bond helps you post bail and get out of jail when you don’t have the money. Question: if you don’t have money, how do you even pay for the bond? Fortunately, there are some easy and safe ways to pay for a bail bond when you’re strapped for cash.

Apply For Credit

Bail bonding in Lakeland is possible via credit. The credit is essentially a bail bond loan, a way to finance your bail bond. The bondsman offers credit according to each individual case. If you qualify for credit and the bond agent posts bail for you, you can be released in as little as two hours to two days.

Pay With a Credit Card

In some jurisdictions, courts and bond agents accept good old fashioned credit cards as a form of payment. Using credit to pay for a bail bond might be more economic, since it’s only the premium (the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee) that you’re paying. The bondsman posts the rest of your bail on your behalf to the court.

Example: Your bail is $5,000. Your credit card limit is only $1,000. Instead, you use your credit card to pay the bond agent’s fee, roughly 10% of your full bail or $500. The bond agent posts the full amount of your bail in the form of a bond. You get out of jail. There may also be additional, special payment arrangements you can make with the bond agent if you ask.

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