Mistakes to Avoid in Residential HVAC Installation in Cleveland Oh

It can be tempting to choose an HVAC contractor based solely on price, especially when the quote is more than expected. However, a rash decision can be costly. Choosing a contractor should be done based on the overall value of the job, and initial pricing is just part of the equation. Below, readers can learn what else should be considered when choosing an air conditioning repair service such as A New Image Heating & Cooling

Equipment Type

A home’s HVAC system is one of its most crucial elements, and it can be a great investment when properly designed and implemented. By learning about Residential HVAC Installation in Cleveland Oh, a homeowner can gain a greater understanding of the installer’s pricing structure. Ask about the failure rate for a particular make and model, and find out why the installer recommends it over other options. Ideally, a customer should choose a company that offers options from a variety of manufacturers.


The advice in the section above can also be applied to the installer. Customers should do their own research, ask plenty of questions, and observe the way the contractor works. Do they do load calculations, use Manuals J, D and S, and inspect ductwork? Do they ask enough questions about the house and any related comfort issues? Most importantly, do they guarantee their work? If the answer to any of these questions is no, hiring that particular contractor can be a gamble.

Competitive Bidding

Most people think that getting competitive bids for Residential HVAC Installation in Cleveland Oh is the right way to do business, and it is to a certain degree. However, it is not always a good idea to do this with HVAC contractors. Good companies have enough of a customer base that they do not have to deal with comparison shoppers. Once a customer finds a good contractor, they should stay loyal. While pricing is important, its importance should not be placed on quality and customer service.

HVAC problems never come at convenient times, and clients should not choose a company out of desperation. By avoiding the mistakes listed here, a homeowner can find the right combination of quality, fair pricing, and good HVAC service. Visit A New Image Heating & Cooling for HVAC Installation in Cleveland Oh.

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