Modifications and Advantages to Upgrading to an Insert Fireplace

There is something about cozying up in front of a fire in the winter that warms the soul. Today, the fire is not as much of a heat source as it is an ambiance. However, whether it is used as a heat source or purely ambiance, there are many modifications or inserts that can be chosen to either improve efficiency or provide cleaner air to you and your family.


Of the different types of fireplaces, an open hearth is the most inefficient. However, fireplaces such as a modern direct vent gas fireplace as an insert or built into an existing wall provide efficient heat exchange into the room. Whether it’s a direct vent gas fireplace, a wood burning fireplace insert, or a standalone stove, the efficiency can be increased by not having an open hearth. Many of these options provide the ability to see the flames and provide the ambiance desired.

Air Quality

Having a fireplace that is directly vented outdoors is an ideal way to increase the air quality of the air circulating in the room with fireplace. Additionally, a direct vent gas fireplace has a mechanism within the vent that pulls air from the outdoors while simultaneously exhausting the air outdoors. This will provide heat without the fumes, particles, or gas actually coming into the home in any way. This is an ideal way to provide the ambiance with the heat. Upgrading your fireplace with a new façade or insert is a great way is overall a great way to improve your home and your health if upgrading from an open hearth.

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