Questions Homeowners Should Ask Themselves Before Calling a Locksmith for Deadbolt Lock Replacement in Chicago

A broken lock is a serious problem, so it’s never a good idea to put off deadbolt lock replacement in Chicago. Homeowners who want to replace their home’s locks might want to ask themselves a few questions before calling a locksmith, though. Read on to find out what homeowners should know before replacing a deadbolt lock.

Why Does the Lock Need to Be Replaced?

There are a few reasons to replace a deadbolt lock. If the lock is broken or malfunctioning, homeowners should try to find out what happened before replacing it so they can avoid similar problems in the future. If homeowners just want to upgrade their security, they should look into locks that are harder to pick and more difficult to break.

What Kind of Door Is the Lock For?

Some doors require specialized deadbolt locks. Glass and partial glass doors require double-cylinder deadbolts, while hollow core doors really don’t benefit from deadbolt lock replacement in Chicago at all since they’re fundamentally insecure. Homeowners with hollow core doors might want to replace their entry doors before they consider replacing their locks.

What Are the Lock’s Measurements?

Take the measurements of the existing lock before looking for a new one. Measurements should include the width of the door, the thickness of the door, the length of the lock’s cross-bore hole, and the size of the pre-drilled holes in the door. Taking careful measurements will ensure that all the parts fit properly and alert homeowners if they’ll be dealing with non-standard parts.

Will the Door Need Other Upgrades?

Homeowners replacing deadbolt locks to improve a property’s security are encouraged to consider other, related improvements at the same time. Most upgrades to deadbolt locks are very affordable. Homeowners can simply add hardware protection like slipcovers and use longer screws.

The Bottom Line

There is no wrong reason to replace a deadbolt lock, but homeowners should take the time to consider their options carefully before calling a locksmith. This will ensure that homeowners will be able to offer locksmiths detailed, accurate information about what to expect so they can bring the right tools and equipment. Visit to find a reputable professional who can help.

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