Reasons to Consult a Foot Specialist About Issues with Toenails in Joliet

Just like on the ends of a human finger, there is also a protective nail at the end of every toe. This nail is hard and is made of keratin. One the main purposes of nails is to protect the digits from injuries. There are many different types of toenail problems. Read on for some of the most common reasons to consult a foot specialist about issues with toenails in Joliet.

Watch Out for Toenail Fungal Infections That Are Common

One of the most common toenail problems is the development of a fungal infection. This is often caused by wearing enclosed shoes that do not breathe well and sweaty socks during warmer weather months. Many women who get acrylic nails are also at risk for toenail fungus. This can occur when pedicure instruments are not sterilized well between clients.

Common Toenail Complaints That Foot Experts Often Treat

Along with fungal infections, foot specialists also treat other common toenail complaints like toe clubbing impacting the nails, toenail area traumas and bruising, ingrown toenails, discoloration of the toenails and others. Nail-patella syndrome is a rare disorder that affects one in every 50,000 individuals and is caused by a genetic mutation.

Patients with Diabetes, Heart Disease & Circulation Problems Need Regular Toenail Care

Diabetics and those with heart/circulation-related issues should regularly see a foot specialist for care of toenails in Joliet. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates online.

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