Relieve Stress and Uneasiness by Utilizing Maitland MRI for Claustrophobia

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Imaging Centers

Hearing the loud, annoying noises and getting in the tight space of an MRI machine can be challenging if it makes you stressed and uneasy. Fortunately, a solution to this problem has been developed. Utilizing an open Maitland MRI for claustrophobia can be completed. Utilizing this medical equipment offers more relaxation than using the traditional method. It allows you to be scanned in an open space so that you feel more comfortable.

Feeling More Comfortable

A significant advantage of utilizing an open Maitland MRI for Claustrophobia is the design of the machine. Instead of getting into a tight enclosure and trying to stay still, you’re able to get scanned in a relatively open area. Utilizing this technology should help you feel more at ease, especially if you typically get stressed in this type of situation.

Reduces the Noise Level

Another benefit of using this technology is the reduction of noise. Having a scan with a traditional MRI unit produces an annoying amount of noise. Combining this with a sense of uneasiness can make it highly challenging to stay still and get the scan done correctly. Eliminating the loud noise level should help you feel better when you are getting your body scanned.

Available for Different-Sized Individuals

Carrying more weight than an average person your height may make it challenging to utilize a traditional MRI machine. If you’re in this position and need to have imaging performed, you may be a candidate who can benefit by using this unit. If you’d like to learn more, visit Open MRI of Orlando at

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