Servicing Water Heater Needs in Manchester New Hampshire for Over 70 Years

You know you’ve probably got problems with your water heater when the water that comes out isn’t as hot as it used to be. Or worse yet, when there’s absolutely no hot water. And if you’re not experiencing problems that bad but the water smells funny or there’s a pool of water under your water tank, you’ve got a problem that really needs fixing.

That’s where we come in.

We at Harry W. Wells & Sons Inc. specialize in water heater services in Manchester, NH, with over 70 years of plumbing service in the community. Our services are ready 24 hours 7 days a week for emergency work and repair because when problems happen, it often happens when we least expect it.

We install new water heater systems, do repairs including mixing valves and installation of expansion tanks and power vent water heaters. We also install and service indirect water heaters with a preferred brand from Superstor.

And if you’re installing regular tank water heaters, we use those from State and A.O. Smith that have power and atmospheric vents delivering propane and natural gas. We know the systems and feel confident we’re providing the best product and service through these equipment.

You may choose to go green with the high-efficient tankless water heaters. Then we’ll provide you those from Superstor and Amtrol for fast and thorough installation service.

So if you need water heater services in Manchester, NH, you can call us here at Harry W. Wells & Sons Inc. at 603-882-4492.

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