Tips for Developing Effective Local SEO for a Small Business

by | Jan 21, 2020 | SEO & SMO

Many small businesses don’t sell their products and services on a worldwide, nationwide or even regional scale. A typical small business focuses on serving clients confined to a local area of their home state.

This is why local SEO for a small business is so important. You want to create search engine optimization that is going to drive relevant prospects to your company website. If you serve a certain area, you want to make sure that these new visitors reside within that service area.

The following are a few ways you can fine-tune your SEO strategy to keep your efforts local.

Create Content With a Local Focus

Dedicate website content and blog posts to local topics. Whether you’re highlighting a recent news story that impacts your industry, or there is a big local event coming up, this is the best way to create genuine, engaging content that caters to a local audience.

Research Local Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Many of the available tools used to research often-searched keywords and keyword phrases will allow you to sort results based on location.

Once you can pin down which local keywords your potential clients are using, you can implement them generously throughout your site’s meta content and copy.

Claim and Customize Your Google Business Profile and Utilize Other Directories

Creating a business profile for Google or a wide range of other directories is a great way to ensure that accurate information about your business is more widely available and visible to people that might be searching online.

With strong local SEO for a small business, when people go searching for your products and services, your site will be visible and ready to greet them.

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