The Beta Glucan Supplement Cures
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Long-term studies may not have been done on the benefits of the Beta glucan supplement to the human body, but there are enough success stories to prove its benefits. Studies have proven it is a fiber known to affect appetite. Beta-glucan is found in a number of foods, including barley, oats and some mushrooms. Since beta-glucan is a polysaccharide, it offers up a number of health benefits that include the stimulation of the immune system. However, the problem with eating oats and barley and hoping to gain the benefits of glucan is the human body cannot break done the polysaccharide molecule so it is classified as indigestible.

Types of Supplements

The Beta glucan supplement could be the one that is derived from baker’s yeast. Others originate from mushrooms, oats or seaweed. Beta-glucan can be purchased in capsules, drinks or powders and is often added to other supplements, such as cholesterol-lowering supplements.

You may go to the store and read the labels on the side of the foods you purchase but have never thought about reading the label on the supplements you take. It is important to do, though, because there are so many companies that sell supplements and so many ways of packaging it.

By the label, you may not be able be tell the percentage of the Active 1,3 and 1,6 linkage, but this is important. These numbers indicate the link between the beta and the glucan. Here is the important thing. You need to know what the link is because that is what makes this supplement powerful. Only the 1,3 and 1,6 linkage has proven the positive effects on the immune system; other linkages could really mean nothing. Supplements that contain other linkages may not be doing what they claim.

Hunger Reduction and Weight Loss

The Beta glucan supplements have an effect on hunger, thus reducing appetite after you eat a meal. Often individuals who had a meal with some food product with beta-glucan present described feeling fuller. There is a hormone that is the “full signal” called cholecystokinin, which is present in a higher percent in the individual’s blood after consuming the beta-glucan supplement

Immune Booster

The Beta glucan supplements are ones that are natural, have no fillers and use the higher quality of vegetable capsules. Beta-glucan has the benefit of activating the macrophages in the body to fight off foreign bacteria invaders, viruses and parasites. 

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