The Importance of Talking to Your Child in the U.S. About the Holocaust

Today, schools in the U.S. are sometimes hesitant to teach students about the Holocaust out of fear of not framing the information properly or offending someone who thinks their children should not be learning about such things from a Holocaust survivor book. However, there are many important reasons to reverse this trend and teach kids about what happened. This can be done by learning from an actual Holocaust survivor.

Learn Important Values

When it comes to teaching lessons about such character traits as respect and the importance of tolerating others, there are no more compelling tales than those of Holocaust survivor stories. Many books collect these stories, with one of the most hard-hitting ones authored by Siggi Wilzig.

The Very Real Dangers Of Hate

When you read a Holocaust survivor book, you will learn how hate speech and other types of intolerant behavior can lead to real violence. Many people take hateful words seriously and feel compelled to act upon them, as we are seeing in different parts of the world today. A Holocaust survivor has seen these things first hand and can tell children about these experiences in an age-appropriate manner.

An Accurate Representation

By listening to Holocaust survivor stories either from live speakers or from books written by those who escaped from the camps, you are getting the actual story as it was, not a watered-down or second or third-hand account of it. Siggi Wilzig is an author who tells the unvarnished truth about his experiences.

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