Tree Services in Ellicott City MD Can Help Homeowners Plant and Maintain Palm Trees

It can be daunting for homeowners to select the correct tree for their home landscape. They have to be able to picture how a tree that starts out as a small sapling will grow over the next 20 or 30 years. A professional arborist from tree services in Ellicott City MD can help them select the proper tree for their size yard. Trees with the proper setbacks from structures and property lines do not have to be pruned as often. They also have sufficient soil for the nutrients they need to absorb. These concerns are particularly true if the homeowner wants to incorporate palm trees into their landscape.

There are over 2,500 types of palm trees. While most prefer tropical and subtropical temperatures and rainfall, there are palm tree varieties that can tolerate subzero temperatures. Homeowners do have to realize that palm trees have special maintenance requirements. They should work with professional Tree Services in Ellicott City MD to ensure that they select the proper palm tree species, plant it properly and then provide the correct maintenance. Palm trees are often placed beside walkways because they have a very contained root system. Unlike other types of trees, the palm tree’s root system does not grow as the upper portion of the tree grows. Because palm trees do not have an extensive root system, they get most of their nutrition from the surrounding top soil. An arborist will explain how the homeowner should augment the top soil.

Palm trees only grow vertically and have a single growth bud at the top of their trunk. This is called the terminal bud. Palm leaves can be seen growing from this area. If the terminal bud is damaged by improper pruning or harsh weather, there is a good chance that the tree will die. Most palm trees shed their palm leaves or fronds naturally. Only old fronds that are yellow, brown should be pruned manually. Even, in this case, it’s important that the gardener not cut too near the tree trunk. Palm bark is easily damaged, and that damaged area can become an entry point for pests and disease.

Ballard Enterprises is one of the local companies that can help a Ellicott City MD homeowner select the correct palm tree for their property.

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