Two Types of Olympus Scopes
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Olympus scopes are a brand name of endoscopes that serve a number of purposes. Thanks in large part to technology, there are two types of endoscopes used by doctors today to examine their patients. While the two types of endoscopes operate differently, their goal is the same: to determine the cause of sickness or illness in a patient and find a solution to the problem.

The first pair of Olympus scopes is called physician-guided endoscopes. Physician-guided endoscopes are used by doctors to enter into a person’s body. They come with a small light that shines through a small tube and illuminates the individual’s internal organs. The light then bounces off the tube of the endoscope through mirrors to allow the doctor to see the internal organs he or she needs to see. Some endoscopes allow you to see the internal organs by way of a mirror attached at the end of the endoscope. Others allow you to view the internal organs of a patient on a video monitor that can also be attached to the end of an endoscope. Depending on the severity of a case, a doctor may use one or the other. Doctors may also have a certain preference and, depending on the availability of endoscopes and the financial situation of the hospital or private practice, he or she may be allowed to choose the endoscope that suits his or her preference.

Another pair of Olympus scopes is called capsule endoscopes. As a person swallows a capsule or pill, he or she swallows the capsule endoscope. It travels through the human body and takes up to 2 pictures per second. The camera is able to snap pictures of the entire body as it travels through the body in the same way that a capsule travels through the body. It takes time for a camera to travel through the body, however. The only way the camera leaves the body is to exit by way of a bowel movement. Once the camera is released, the doctor takes the camera and downloads the pictures on a computer where he can print the pictures and use them to assess the internal situation of the patient.

There are other types of Olympus scopes as well. These are used for the various types of surgery that mandate the use of endoscopes. These small tools are used to treat and cure patients, which goes to show you that the greatest things often come in the smallest packages.  

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