Upgrading To Secure Cloud Hosting Services

One of the most cost-effective ways for a small Dallas business to compete with larger local, national, or even multinational companies is to ensure the right technology is in use. Small businesses choosing to upgrade to cloud hosting from in-house servers or shared server hosting services have the ability to manage cloud-based applications that put them on a level playing field with the big companies.

The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is the use of multiple servers across the cloud. This creates virtually limitless access to computing resources, ensuring your business processing, data storage and retrieval, and cloud-based applications are never limited by the ability to meet the demands.

Cost Factors

One of the most common reasons Dallas small business owners report waiting to move to the cloud is the perceived cost. In reality, cloud hosting is a pay per use option, which means the company only pays for the resources and services used.

In addition, the scalability of the cloud means there is never a delay in expanding your client base or business use of cloud computing technology, even with this growth. Companies do not have to purchase large plans or packages in anticipation of increased growth, which can save money.


From private, public, hybrid, or specialized clouds, security is a built-in feature of the cloud. Through the cloud options, businesses can implement specific security features to meet industry requirements and mandates or to maintain enhanced protection for vital data.

Keep in mind, the cloud also offers end-to-end encryption of data, further protecting information and keeping company and customer information protected and safe.

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