How to Determine When to Seek Out Specialized Care from a Foot Doctor

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Health

Even healthy feet take a beating every day whether walking, running or standing for long periods of time without a break. Some individuals are born with health conditions that could impact the condition of their feet. Others develop ailments that can also indirectly affect the feet such as diabetes and heart disease that impact circulation. Here’s how to determine when to seek out the specialized foot-related care services from a premier foot doctor in Beverly.

Sports Related Foot & Ankle Injuries Should Be Checked if Symptoms Persist

Often, people engaged in athletic sports and other physical activities are at a greater risk of injuring the tender ankle area and the feet in general. If a sports injury appears to be severe, it is best to have the injury assessed by a local foot doctor from Beverly. This should also occur if a seemingly minor ankle or foot injury doesn’t get better with the traditional care measures.

Diabetics & Those with Circulation Issues Should Get Regular Foot Exams

Diabetes can impact more than just spiking your blood sugar too high. Over time, continued problems with increased blood sugar levels can negatively impact the person’s overall health and blood circulation can become poor. Many diabetics do not feel their feet even when they cut themselves or otherwise injure them. All diabetics and those with circulation issues should get a regular foot exam to prevent serious complications.

Specialized Foot Care Is Available in Beverly

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