Common Problems with Steam Turbines and How to Repair Them in Minnesotas

Steam turbine repair focuses on replacing parts more often than trying to fix parts. That is because a lot of what breaks down on these massive turbines suffers from the most common of issues. If your steam turbines in your Minneapolis industrial plant suffers from any of the following, then your turbines are going to need steam turbine repair of the highest and most immediate order.

Wear and Tear

Imagine being a massive turbine wheel made of metal and spinning with incredible speed to produce steam. What immediately comes to mind? A completely worn out gear, right? That’s exactly what happens to the biggest components of these machines. They wear out from the constant friction, and they wear out from the constant exposure to heat and moisture. The huge components will begin to look like Swiss cheese or broken planks of metal if the repairs are not made.

Rust and Corrosion

Turbines are often made of steel, but even steel cannot last indefinitely. They are exposed to extreme work conditions nonstop every day. As a result, the coatings used on the turbine’s blades wear off, and the metal underneath begins to show signs of rust and/or corrosion. Eventually, the rust or corrosion takes over, and the blades of the turbine weaken, creating a very dangerous situation in your plant. They need to be maintained at the very least, and replaced at most when they are clearly worn and rusty or corroded. Make sure you have a turbine repair professional complete an inspection regularly.

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