Evaluating Companies Offering Rigging Services

Installation of large pieces of equipment, such as turbines, industrial pumping systems, conveyor systems and other types of rotating machinery systems requires a focused and precision use of a range of different equipment and technology.

Lifting these massive pieces of machinery and systems in place within the facility and then stabilizing them until they are welded and secured into place is essential. Knowing how to set up the rigging systems for installations and replacement when systems component movement is part of the job goes a long way to keeping the project on schedule as well as on budget.

Third-Party Services

Companies providing rotary machinery solutions for industrial facilities may use third party rigging services. This typically involves additional coordination efforts and also makes an effective schedule a critical part of the process. Should the design and development phase of the system fall behind, it may be challenging to adjust the schedule for the outside rigging service, which may result in the need to extend the project or to find another company.

In-House Teams

Some of the top companies providing turbines, industrial pumps and conveyor systems have their own in-house rigging services. This is an ideal situation as the project timeline can be extremely flexible and without the conflicts that can occur for an outside service provider.

With the in-house rigging service, it is possible to move the project up and complete the project in a shorter time period, a win-win situation of the facility. Additionally, with repairs or replacement requirements where downtime results in lost revenue, this flexibility also becomes a key factor to consider.

All rigging services need to be experienced and to have the equipment and the rigging solutions needed to move the given components into the desired area. Always look at the company’s track record in completing similar projects to determine if they are the best provider for your new installation or replacement needs.

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