3 Reasons To Hire A St. Paul, MN, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Not all injuries that occur at work are serious. Some may be relatively minor injuries that may require a trip to a St. Paul, MN, emergency room or perhaps just a couple of day’s rest. In these situations, and if the employer is clear the injury occurred while you were on the job, completing the Workers’ Compensation claim and submitting it on time is typically all that is required.

However, if the injury is more significant, if the employer has a history of denying claims or is questioning if the injury happened at work, hiring a Workers’ Compensation attorney is important. This is also the case in at least three other situations that are both common and also difficult to prove without the assistance of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

Pre-Existing Conditions

It is possible to have a claim for an injury that occurred at work even if you have a pre-existing condition. This is one area where most insurance companies deny the claim, and having a Workers’ Compensation attorney to ensure the necessary medical documentation is available is critical to having your claim approved.

Permanent Disability

If the doctor provides information that the injury or illness will limit your ability to work, prohibit you from doing your current job or that may prevent you from working at all, it is critical to have an attorney.

The permanent disability is the most costly claim for the insurance company, and they work actively to reduce their payments or to find a way to avoid having to cover future and ongoing medical costs.

Low Settlement

The insurance company is in the business of providing the lowest settlement possible for injured employees. It can be very difficult to know if the settlement offer is fair, particularly with long term or permanent types of injuries or illnesses.

An experienced St. Paul, MN attorney, has the knowledge of settlements for past cases, as well as a good understanding of the costs of specific treatments and rehab requirements. Hiring a Workers’ Compensation attorney starts with a free case consultation, which allows you to explore your options.

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