Various major septic tank maintenance Brandon fl methods

by | May 9, 2013 | Construction And Maintenance

A septic tank is an underground tank where sewage is usually kept so as to be decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. Mainly septic tanks are constructed in areas where there are no connections to the main sewage systems. By maintaining your septic tank, you are able to save the cost of repairing or replacing it. Secondly, you get to protect the health of those using the septic tank, people around you, and most importantly you help in conservation of the environment. Below is a list of various best methods septic tank maintenance Brandon fl encourages for individuals to use so as to maintain their septic tank system being effective:

Avoid deep-rooted trees and shrubs

For this kind of shrubs, an individual is encouraged to keep them a distance of 100 feet away from your septic system. This is because their roots grow deep and may cause major damage to your septic system. If necessary, professionals from septic tank maintenance Brandon fl advocate you can just plant shallow-rooted species plants, such as native grasses, to avoid soil erosion.

You are required to only flush organic matter only

Avoid flushing things like sanitary napkins, condoms, cigarette butts, or any other litter as they tend to fill up your system quickly, or may result to a clogged system. Specialists from septic tank maintenance Brandon fl require you to only flush human excreta and toilet paper, which helps the septic tank not to fill up quickly.

Water conservation

Excessive use of water prevents solids from settling at the bottom making them to be pushed to leaching bed; this makes it difficult for them to be distilled properly. Another major problem of using excessive water is the overloading of the septic tank. You should always conserve water by: only flushing when necessary, using efficient taps, and using low flow water toilets.

Avoid the use of chemicals

Avoid using any toxic chemicals, any kinds of medicines, paints, or gasoline in your septic tank system. This is because they tend to end up in the ground water and kill the bacteria, which help in decomposition.

Monitor the system and pump when necessary

An expert should inspect your system every three to five years to pump out if full. Never stick your head inside the septic tank as you may inhale dangerous gases and cause harm to your body.

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