Headshots for Professionals in Business are a Huge Trend

Besides the resume, the next most important thing for any businessman or businesswoman should have is a professionally done headshot. There is a lot of positives from having a headshot attached to a resume. For one thing, the potential employer can then put a face with a name and resume. This will of course enable them to remember the candidate better. 

Now getting a headshot means more than just snapping a photograph of a person’s head or bust. There are a few things to consider that will help any person get the most out of their Professional headshots by Guy Viau. Here are just a few tips that can help to maximize the results from an attached headshot to a resume. 

Good Preparation Makes the Difference 

The very first thing that a person needs to do is be well prepared for their headshot photo shoot. It is recommended that a person be well rested and well hydrated before taking any professional headshots by Guy Viau. The businessman or businesswoman should get plenty of sleep the night before. They should also make an effort to drink plenty of water the days before the headshot photo shoot. They should avoid drinking any alcohol or ingesting anything that can dehydrate the body. 

Dress Well 

Next is the attire. A person should consider what type of job or jobs they are seeking and dress appropriately for that job. The clothes should fit well and not bee too loose or too tight. The clothes should also be neatly pressed, especially around the collar area. Also, a person should avoid wearing anything that may cover the neckline. Finally, the clothes should not have any busy colors or patterns as they will distract the viewer from looking at the face. 

Before visiting a studio for a headshot, a businessman or businesswoman should take the time to relax and listen to music that keeps him or her loose. This will relieve any possible tension and can lead to better results for the headshots. A person’s positive attitude will definitely show in the photographs. 

Look Your Best 

Finally, there is the hair and makeup. This goes for both men and women. They should take the time to have a professional do their hair, as well as makeup in order to maximize the results from the photo shoot. Everything should look clean and natural, and a professional hair and makeup artist can help with that. 

These are just a few of the tips that can help a man or woman get the best possible photos for their headshot. They should also be sure to take several poses and even several photographs with different shirts or looks. Take advantage of the photo shoot session and get the most out of it. It also gives more choices to choose the right headshot. 

Guy Viau is photographer in Los Angeles that specializes in photography for professionals, dancers, performers, musicians, athletes, and professional headshots. Guy has been a professional photographer in the area for over 15 years. Some of the top agencies in the area seek out the photography services that Guy Viau offers.

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