What is Commercial Shredding in Denver?

Commercial shredding in Denver often refers to high-volume shredding that must adhere to industry standards. Large numbers of paper files may be found almost anywhere. Still, with the arrival of digital technology, many offices have found it desirable to get rid of the baggage and wasted space that paper files require.

Why Choose Commercial Shredding

The result of commercial shredding in Denver is an extremely finely shredded product. Typical shredders only shred to a certain size, implying that information isn’t as secure. Commercial shredders produce a microscopic output that is subsequently recycled into other goods, ensuring that no information is accessible once we take control of your documents.

One-Time Shredding

A one-time cleanse makes a lot of sense if you want to make the leap into the future with a cloud-based or virtual office and record-keeping system. One-time purges from places such as XpresShred may also be suitable during mergers or if you have a large number of files that will never be required again.

On- and Off-Site Services

Documents at your place of business can be shredded on-site using mobile shredders that can be delivered to your location. When a large number of papers must be shredded all at once, this service is favored by many customers.

Containers are an excellent option for people with varying quantities of shredding, but we can also take up huge amounts of data and shred them at one of our sites if that is more convenient for you. After the documents have been shredded, you will be provided with evidence that they have been destroyed, allowing your company to comply with any necessary regulations and procedures.

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