Architecture Masters Programs Give Job Candidates a Competitive Edge

Technically, a person does not need a master’s degree to become an architect. However, securing a job as an architect can be significantly more difficult without this credential. Interior architecture master’s programs are available at a broad range of schools, but many men and women prefer to complete this degree at a renowned college of art.

Relevant Undergraduate Degrees

Individuals who want to become architects typically complete a bachelor’s degree in architecture. There also are pre-professional programs specifically intended for students who plan to complete a master’s degree. Some schools offer interior architecture masters programs as well as bachelor’s degrees in the field.

It is possible to be accepted to a master’s program in interior architecture with a different undergraduate degree. The applicant ideally would have a relevant bachelor’s degree and a portfolio displaying interest and experience in building design.

Why a Master’s Degree Is Important

Many employers believe a bachelor’s degree is simply not thorough enough for a person to become an architect. They believe it’s not possible to learn more than the basics in four years. Adding the extra one to three years of intense study and practice is highly valuable. The students can spend a great deal more time designing beautiful, safe, and functional buildings. They gain advanced knowledge in design, construction, and essential computer software for their work. Having this degree gives job candidates a distinct competitive edge.

To learn about master’s programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, interested individuals may visit the website.

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