How Concrete Expansion Joints Can Improve Driveways in League City, Texas

Why Concrete Needs Expansion Joints

Concrete can crack because of the stress involved when it expands in hot weather and contracts when it’s cold. Cracking can be minimized by using expansion joints to separate slabs so each slab can expand and contract without affecting the others.

Why Wooden Forms Need Replacement

When a concrete driveway is poured, wooden forms are used to define the shape and size of each slab. The wood is left in place to be an expansion joint. However, as wood breaks down, rotting wood becomes a place where weeds can thrive.
Why Wood and Caulk are not Good Fillers

It’s hard to fit new wood into a joint, and the new wood will also deteriorate. Since caulk can shrink, but will not expand to fill an expanding gap, it will also leave cracks where weeds can grow.
What a Good Expansion Joint is Like

The best solution is to use something specifically designed to be a Concrete Expansion Joint.

It must fit between the slabs tightly enough to keep out dirt and weeds. It also needs to be able to compress when the concrete expands and expand to fill the gap when the concrete contracts. The joint material also should not stick up high enough to be a trip hazard. It’s best to use strips of material which can be cut to fit any length.
Where to Get Expansion Joints

If you’re looking for excellent concrete expansion joint material, contact Trim-A-Slab today.

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