Better Performance with Rubberized Expansion Joints in the League City/Houston Area

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Expansion Joint Repair

Concrete expansion joints are materials used between gaps in concrete slabs that allow independent slab-movement. They minimize the chances of cracks that otherwise happen with direct collisions and allow for thermal contraction and expansion without added stress to structural members.

Problems in Typical Expansion Joints

During the slab construction process in the Galveston County area, wood is often used to define the concrete slab’s shape and size and remains to buffer its movement in hot and cold conditions.

Unfortunately, wood deteriorates and rots over time with the onset of bacteria and weeds, which often results in the use of chemical weed killers draining into the watershed.

Rubberized Joints

A concrete expansion joint made of a material that resembles rubber can flex and grip between concrete gaps. It moves with contraction and expansion, minimizing stress, and withstands moisture and rot. It also serves as a second barrier against weed growth and, above all, doesn’t trap debris and dirt as wood or other more-rigid materials would do.

Comparison with Other Methods

Typical remedies include adding new wood, caulk or filler strips. Wood is difficult to fit back and doesn’t secure. Caulk fills the space well but is gooey, takes time to cure and will separate over time due to rigidity. Filler strips help with installation but are poorly supported, allowing joints to collapse inward.

Rubberized strips, however, are compliant and can expand to match gaps. Four sizes are typically sufficient to cover gaps ranging from 3/8″ to 1 and 5/8″. They’re also easy to install, most often by hand.

Talk with a Distributor/Manufacturer in the League City Area

Distributors of a rubberized concrete expansion joint that comes in three colors provide a versatile and durable alternative to wood, caulk and other methods that deteriorate, rot or collapse over time. Visit us today.

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