Reasons for Skunk Removal in Reynoldsburg

Skunks may have an unpleasant aroma but are otherwise fluffy and adorable creatures. The harmless appearance of the animal may lead people to be complacent when a family of skunks enters their neighbourhood. The idea that all will be well if they leave the animals alone can seem like a reasonable approach, but unfortunately, the behaviour of the skunks can shatter that belief. Homeowners that call for skunk removal in Reynoldsburg do so for some valid reasons.

Potential for Disease

Rabies is a serious concern whenever wildlife comes into neighbourhoods, but it is not the only disease skunks carry. The small creatures can also transmit to humans or pets a variety of other diseases. Some of the possibilities include distemper, leptospirosis, and canine hepatitis. Skunk removal in Reynoldsburg is often necessary to ensure domestic animals, and their owners stay safe.

Damage to Yards

Skunks enjoy a variety of foods, and some of their favourites are grubs and other insects. Most people would happily accept their consumption of insects if it were not for the way they find them. To retrieve grubs, skunks dig into the grass and pull them from the soil. Small holes can suddenly appear across a manicured lawn, and new holes will often be seen every morning once the skunks find an abundant source of grubs. If the lawn is not fruitful, the pests may turn to flower or vegetable gardens or even trashcans instead.

Risks to Animals

In addition to the risk of disease to house pets, skunks can also cause problems for some livestock. Chickens become very endangered when skunks arrive. Most skunks will usually focus on the feed spread around for the chickens but may also steal and eat the eggs or even kill the chickens. Families that rely on their coop for food or an income will need to take the threat of skunks seriously.

Skunk removal does not have to be unkind. In many instances, the best solution is to trap and release the creatures in a less populated area. Homeowners that do not want the risks posed by skunks in their neighbourhood can call a removal company. Anyone that wants to know more about our company or to learn more about the removal process should call for information.

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