When to Call a Pro for Squirrel Removal in Dublin OH and What to Expect

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Animal Removal

Squirrels in the yard may look cute when they’re running around, but when they get inside the home, they can cause all sorts of different issues. Squirrels inside the home chew their way into the area they want to use as a nest, then end up chewing more in the area to build their nest. This can cause all sorts of issues for the home, making homeowners wonder if it’s time to call a pro for squirrel removal in Dublin OH.

When to Make the Call

Go ahead and make the call as soon as there are signs that squirrels are getting into the home. Call a pro immediately can help reduce the amount of damage done by the squirrels. Chewing can cause damage to the home, the structure of the home, the wiring in the home, and more. Squirrels may also carry diseases that can be spread in the home, causing health issues for those inside the home. Professional assistance can get the squirrels out before any of this happens.

Removing Squirrels From Home

Professionals will typically use live traps to capture the squirrels and relocate them far from the home. It is important to relocate them far from the home so they don’t try to just return to the home and get inside again. The professional should check the home carefully to ensure all squirrels are removed, just in case there is a nest somewhere inside the home or there are squirrels that are trapped in the home.

Repairing the Home

Once the squirrels are removed, repairs should begin immediately. The removal professional should be able to point out how the squirrels were getting into the home as well as some of the repairs that will be needed as a result of the squirrels. It is important for homeowners to get in touch with a contractor as soon as possible to make these repairs and to prevent entry again.

If you’ve seen signs of squirrels inside your home, don’t wait to get help. Contact a pro today for squirrel removal in Dublin OH so you can have the squirrels removed before they cause any more damage. Visit us now to learn more about removing squirrels from your home.

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