What Are the Best Donut Flavors for Autumn in Chicago, Illinois?

As the leaves change color and the temperatures start to drop, there’s nothing better than grabbing a treat from one of the best donut shops in Chicago and taking a stroll through the park. Here’s our ranking of the best donut flavors to enjoy on a crisp autumn afternoon.

What are the Best Donut Flavors for Autumn?

If you want to go with a classic, try a cinnamon sugar donut. Something about cinnamon has a quintessentially “autumn” flavor–maybe because it’s a common ingredient in pumpkin pie. A cinnamon sugar donut is the perfect complement to your pumpkin spice latte.

If you prefer something sweeter, what about a lemon espresso donut? A steaming mug of coffee is perfect for enjoying on a chilly winter’s day. And with a lemon espresso donut, you’ll enjoy the sweetness of pastries mixed with the rich flavor of the coffee.

An apple fritter donut is another great fall selection. When you take a bite out of one of these donuts, you’ll think about hayrides, apple picking and cutting a slice of hot apple pie that you just took out of the oven. It goes great with afternoon tea or your post-dinner mug of coffee.

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