Why Eating at a Steakhouse is a True American Experience

When you think of dining in the US, one of the first things that would appear in any American menu would be steak. Americans love their beef. Fine cuts of meat like Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Ribeye and other cuts are some of the sweetest words to the ears of a steak loving American. Little wonder that a favored place for a true blue American meal would be at a steakhouse.

Some of the best beef cattle in the world is grown and prepared in the US. A favorite delicacy among steak lovers is the famous Kobe beef that can be cooked like a regular steak but is eaten in a number of Japanese style preparations like sashimi, teppanyaki, sukiyaki, shabu shabu and also raw in sushi. Over the years Kobe beef has found immense popularity in the US because of the well-marbled fatty texture, characteristic flavor and tenderness. However the organically raised beer fed Kobe beef is very expensive and only high end steakhouses stock this meat. Steakhouses in the US that do not stock Kobe beef use a Kobe-styled beef that is obtained from the cross breeding between the original Japanese Wagyu cattle raised domestically and Angus cattle. Although Kobe beef has been popularized in the US, some diners are put off by the richness of the grass fed beef, and refer to it as the grass of beef

Steaks achieve flavor from two things: the quality of the meat and the technique used to cook it, i.e. to sear or grill it. Searing is done on a very hot skillet or flat griddle to brown it and give it a nice crust. Searing rarely seals in any flavor but does give it the good color and crustiness. Sometimes it does leave the center a little under cooked. Wood burning fires are used for grilling the steak. The wood fire gives the steak a characteristic smokiness in flavor that cannot be obtained if you grill it on a cast iron skillet.

When you go to a steakhouse, you can get the steak cooked to your taste. There’s nothing more appetizing than smelling your steak cooking on a wood fire while you enjoy drinks and appetizers with your friends. Rooftop steakhouse joints are a great way to unwind and relax. When you go to Biloxi MS, you can expect the best quality cooking at a local restaurant or steakhouse. Biloxi MS diners can find world class cuisine at Hibachi Express.

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